Respite/Short Term Accommodation

Respite care is about having an experienced professional, who is trustworthy, capable and empathetic, our dedicated. team. are willing  to provide the same level of care that you would.

We are committed to ensuring that your wishes are followed exactly, providing a much-needed break or emergency relief.

By staying in short-term accommodation, you’re treated to a change of scenery and a break from routine, while your informal support network also get some time to themselves. Respite care isn’t just about the accommodation, it also involves the support you receive while staying there.

Our supports are specifically tailored to your needs.

We have many Respite houses available, some brand new too!

Choice Support Tasmania is one of the largest and best NDIS providers. Customer feedback, the satisfaction rate is as high as 98%. We are now looking after over 180 participants. Feel free to contact us and enjoy our Respite care service. The contact number is at the top right of the page.