Early signs of dementia

Different types of dementia have different symptoms, and there are many early signs. There are ten most common early symptoms. 

1 Transient memory loss

May suddenly forget what you have just done, leading to repeat same word or repeat same things

2 Difficulty with daily task

Patients will not be able to normal in the end of the designated site or complete the task is easy

3 Language 

Patients may suddenly be unable to say what they want or find the words they want

4 Thinking

Patients may not be able to understand the meaning of a number because it is abstract

5 Emotion

Emotional instability or abnormal behavior is one of the early signs of dementia. There is no reason for this behavior 

6 Loss of enthusiasm 

Patients may lose interest in family or other people and things around him or her that he or she would otherwise be interested in.

7 Judgement

Patients can't judge what is the right thing. For example, they may get up in the midnight hours to make breakfast. 

8 Spatial skills

Patients can get lost and not know the right direction or forget the way home.

9 Misplacing things

Patients may misplace things. For example, put cutlery in the toilet 

10 lose our sense of space or time 

Patients experience a decline in their ability to comprehend abstract concepts, such as time and space.

Due to the misconception that the early signs of dementia are simply a normal aspect of aging, the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause of dementia often begins late. It is important to observe the elderly individuals in your surroundings and to seek help if you suspect any signs of the aforementioned symptoms.